EDoC++ : Documentation

Following is the documentation for EDoC++. The User Manual is the best place to start. The API documentation are for people using libEDoc or writing EDoC++ suppression files.
  • User Manual

    Takes user through what EDoC++ does and how to use it with lots of examples.

  • libEDoc API

    The API documentation for libEDoc. Documentation is generated using doxygen and EDoC++ to list the exceptions thrown by all functions/methods.

  • libEDocPy API

    The API documentation for the python helpers used in EDoC++ suppression files.

  • Developer Documentation - (TODO LATER) An overall view of how the project is designed + future directions.

If you find EDoC++ useful then please consider mentioning it to others, writing reviews on blogs or your own website, and where possible link to the EDoC++ home-page: http://edoc.sourceforge.net/

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