EDoc++ library documentation.


The EDoc++ library provides much of the code used to process EDoc++ data files and to gather information about exception propogation from those data files. The edoc and edc-arch applications both make use of this library. The main purpose is to be able to load *.edc files, and then calculate the complete list of propogating exceptions from the information provided therein.


Following is a list of types that correspond directly to some logical structure in the parsed source code:


Following is the general procedure followed by users of this library:

  1. For each .edc file, create a EDoc::PersistenceIFace instance usually by using EDoc::Persistence::ReadOpen().
  2. For each .edc file, load its contents into a EDoc::Dictionary instance, using EDoc::Dictionary::Read().
  3. Merge all the EDoc::Dictionary instances into a single EDoc::Dictionary instance. This is equivilant of linking multiple translation units into a single binary.
  4. Calculate the complete list of exceptions for all functions. This is usually done by calling: EDoc::Dictionary::CalculatePropogatingExceptions().
Finally after all this, a user is free to analyse the objects as they see fit. The edoc application performs any number of checks over the resulting data to check for invalid usage of exceptions, and also uses the data to produce doxygen documentation.

@ Describe the memory management structure in the library and particular ownership of memory by Dictionary objects. Including String identified objects, Dictionary specific objects, and the validation routines and configure option.
@ Describe the notification framework for indication of warnings/errors while processing data.
@ Describe the format of the data files and loadin/saving procedures. Including Managed/Unmanaged files, the different formats and the use of the IndexedDictionary for multi-stage loading/saving.
@ Describe the logging framework.
@ Describe the format of the data files and loadin/saving procedures.
@ Describe the error handling strategy. Also when implement new feature for safety guarentee, implement EDoc++ using this to demonstrate and test it.

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