TODO Items

This page contains a list of items that may be implemented for future EDoC++ releases. This list is a cut-down version of the TODO.txt file in CVS listing only some of the more useful or important items. If there is a particular feature or idea you wish to be included please send a message to the mailing list.

Please see http://edoc.wiki.sourceforge.net/Known+Issues for information on any known problems withthis release.

Of all the changes the most major ones to come in the future will be to implement EDoC++'s patched GCC as a GCC plugin module. This however requires the official GCC to be released with plugin support. The GCC project has this in the pipeline. Doing this will make the EDoC++ distributions smaller, and remove the need for having two versions of GCC installed. The end goal is to remove the need to for a patched GCC and a patched doxygen to make Edoc++ simpler and hopefully easier to use.

  • Have EDoC++ track API imports/exports and emit an error if an exported function throws an exception whose type is NOT exported.
  • EDoC++ currently does not take into account calls to set_unexpected() for its exception propagation calculations.
  • Tests fail on cygwin as python seems to have some problems with its thread support that is used by the testing framework.
  • Eithre submit patches upstream to doxygen to allow it to work with EDoC++ generated files, or create special documentation generator that places doxygen documentaiton inline with the source code so no special features are required by doxygen
  • Add ability to create output formatting plugins. Examples include: doxygen, simple-doxygen, simple, ... boost etc
  • Make GCC Modification a plugin using the development GCC plugin branch instead of a patch against GCC.
  • Fix implementation so that the GCC modification will work with pre-compiled headers. (Big change to use GCC garbage collector instead of the current manual memory allocation scheme)
  • Allow user to document the originating exception at the point of the throw and export this to doxygen.
  • Update the GCC modification to ensure it will gracefully handle error mark nodes used to notify of compile errors.

If you find EDoC++ useful then please consider mentioning it to others, writing reviews on blogs or your own website, and where possible link to the EDoC++ home-page: http://edoc.sourceforge.net/

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