Chapter 4. Licensing

Table of Contents

The LGPL Like license
Licensing Programs That Use EDoc++


EDoc++ is licensed under two different licenses. I desired to make EDoc++ as useful as possible to the public, but also to keep the core of EDoc++ open source so that changes or feature additions would not be lost to the community. This licensing may change in the future due to modifications in the future licensing of GCC which may extend to affect the currently LGPL Like license with a GPL license.

Basically EDoc++ is broken into a few components. Most of the components are licensed under the GPL License however some portions are not and are licensed separately to make them more useful by allowing commercial projects to make use of them if so desired. The various modules of the EDoc++ project include:

  • GCC Modification: GPL

  • edoc application: GPL

  • libEDocBFD: GPL

  • libEDoc: LGPL Like

    Includes all code under:

    • src/libs/EDoc

    • src/include/EDoc

    • the file persistence_data.h

  • libEDocPy and _edoc python module: LGPL Like

    Includes SWIG generated source:

    • edoc_wrap.cpp

    • all SWIG interface *.i files

    • call code under: src/python/