The LGPL Like license

The standard GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) is has a few caveats that make it "less useful" in licensing general purpose libraries that may be USED in closed source projects. This "LGPL Like" license attempts to provide a Licensing where the Library and any derivative of the library are required to be under this same LGPL Like license, but there is no responsibility to "infect" any works that use the Library with the same license.

In particular this clarifies/modifies issues described in sections 5 and 6 of the LGPL License so that it makes it more practical to USE the Library in closed source projects.

The terms for this LGPL Like License are the same as those for the LGPL License version 2.1 with the following exceptions:

If those above statements don't make it clear, the purpose of modifying the LGPL license is to ensure that the Library can be used in closed source projects without having to release source code that makes use of the library. However any changes made to the library itself or its header files must be released under this same license. This tries to ensure that the Library and all derivatives of the Library remain under the LGPL Like License but works that use the library are not restriced by this License.