Chapter 8. Running the Tests

While developing EDoc++ many tests have been written to ensure the accuracy and operation of the EDoc++ tools. These tests are all written in python and can be found in the tests subdirectory of the project. There is a script that is created in the base build directory when you build edoc called: This script can be executed in order to run the tests.

cd $HOME/build/edoc

That is all there is to run all the tests. You can specify specific tests on the command line if you only wish to test a certain subset of the tests. The specification of a test on the command line requires that both suite and test id be provided with a colon separating them. See the following examples:

# Run test number 0001 in the supp suite
./ supp:0001

# Run tests with number 0002 in all suites
./ :0001

# Run all tests in supp suite
./ supp:

# Run tests 0001 and 0003 from the supp suite
./ supp:0001 supp:0003