Chapter 12. Maintaining EDoc++

If you wish to help in the maintenance of EDoc++ please send an email to the mailing list indicating that you are interested in helping out.

There are a few things that maintainers must agree to.

  1. Code must be released under the existing Licenses that are being used for the EDoc++ project. This means that if you add any code to libEDoc then it must be under the LGPL Like license.

    Note: For a while at least we ask that any additional maintainers agree with the idea behind the License. We wish to make this software as useful as possible to the entire software community. This MAY require a modification of the LGPL Like License at some point as it really is not well stated. The idea is to have a LGPL License without restrictions that may make commercial organisations feel un-easy about using libEDoc but to keep the core of EDoc++ open source.

  2. You should conform to the existing coding standards when modifying existing code or adding new code.

    @@@Brendon the standard is yet to be written however existing code displays fairly clearly what is required until I have time to write a standard.

  3. You should make a good effort to write tests for the feature that you are fixing or adding.

  4. You should appropiatly document new code and features.