The EDoc++ application supports four levels of verbosity.

  1. Level 0 [DEFAULT]: --verbosity=0 OR -d0

    Displays nothing but warnings/errors generated while processing the data.

  2. Level 1: --verbosity=1 OR -d1

    Same as level 0 except it also includes information about the input files being used for processing (excluding default suppression files) and some basic sequence information.

  3. Level 2: --verbosity=2 OR -d2

    Same as level 1 except it includes more detailed sequence information and an 80 character wide progress bar that is displayed while calculating the list of propagating exceptions as well as the list of default suppression files being used.

  4. Level 3: --verbosity=3 OR -d3

    Same as level 2 except that instead of a progress bar, it displays the names of each function being processesed as it is being done.